Flow Pack Films

These films, developed to allow high speed production are also available in thin thicknesses and with or without barrier. They are particularly suitable for the packaging of sausages, fresh pasta, cheese and many other kinds of food. The flow-pack films that AFG supplies have excellent mechanical features and high welding performances, also in presence of greasy or wet surfaces.


ALUFREE films are alternative versions of materials for various applications, where aluminum is replaced without losing the high barrier properties of aluminum. These substitute materials can have different degrees of barrier depending on the needs of OTR and WVTR.

PA Base

The films based on POLYAMIDE (BOPA and PA) thanks to their excellent mechanical characteristics have good flexibility, resistance to high temperatures and puncture. They are suitable for applications with heat treatments such as pasteurization and are suitable for microwave ovens. The following...

Paper Base

PAPER-based films can be used as Flow Packs, with a full layer of paper or with a window to allow visibility of the product. The following materials are some example of this category: - PAPER PE- PAPER PE EVOH PE- PAPER PP- PAPER BOPPm- PAPER ALU PE

PET Base

Oriented POLYESTER-based films (BOPET) are ideal as flowpack for packaging different types of food. This material allows obtaining excellent results for printed materials thanks to its characteristics of gloss, high transparency and flatness. The following materials are some example of this...

PP Base

POLYPROPYLENE (PP) based films are ideal as flowpacks for countless food applications: snacks, snacks, pretzels, desserts, ice creams. PP-based materials are often metallized and are treated to guarantee excellent sealing performance. The following materials are some example of this category: -...