Thanks to a deep knowledge of the plastic materials used for packaging, AFG supplies a wide range of packaging films to be used on thermoforming machines, horizontal – vertical machines, suitable for modified atmosphere, vacuum, pasteurization, sterilization, microwaves and deep-freezing.


AFG offers a wide range of thermoforming films, both rigid and flexible, to be used with modified atmosphere and vacuum. Particular films have been developed in order to allow the use of plug assisted and high thermoforming.

Vertical / Horizontal Machines

AFG supplies different films for horizontal- vertical machines, in very thin and soft versions, which allow high speed productions. Neutral or printed, with high barrier and transparency, these films seal also on oily and wet surfaces. The company supplies also films for cooking pouches.

Modified Atmosphere

AFG supplies films for modified atmosphere. Thanks to the insertion of modified atmosphere in the packaging, not only air is removed (air can cause deterioration of food and growth of microorganisms), but also gases are injected in order to prevent any product decay, and therefore to maintain its original qualities. The use of modified atmosphere and of AFG films, suitable for this application, guarantees an effective treatment against product decay, thanks to which colour, taste and nutritional value of the packed food are maintained for a long time.


Vacuum-technology consists first in removing air from the packaging and then in hermetically sealing the packaging. This way, oxygen, chemical polluting agents, germs and mould that are to find in the air cannot get in and come into contact with the product. Thanks to AFG films there is no gas exchange with the outside air, and therefore it is possible to maintain unaltered the food quality for a long time.



Pasteurization is a thermal treatment, which occurs at about 100° C. Time is changeable and depends on the product characteristics. Pasteurization is used when a strong thermal treatment can cause food quality decay. Pasteurization, differently from sterilization, does not totally destroy germs. AFG supplies packaging films suitable for pasteurization.


During the sterilization process, temperature is risen quickly to about 121° C. At this heat, detrimental microorganisms cannot survive. This temperature is maintained until the bacteria that could injure one’s health are removed, and the microorganisms that make food decay are highly reduced. AFG supplies packaging films suitable for sterilization process.


AFG supplies high heat resistant packaging, which can be used in microwave oven, assuring high safety standards, high speed production and preventing from packaging deformation.

Deep Freezing

Deep-freezing is a quick process which guarantees the preservation of the best quality features of any foodstuff. AFG supplies packaging suitable for this technology, thanks to which you can get excellent results.