Packaging applications: Deep-frozen food


Applications / Packaging applications: Deep-frozen food

The deep-frozen food market has been constantly developing. A very large range of films is available (rigid or flexible base webs, with high mechanical strength at low temperature, with or without high gas barrier).

Packaging solution

Thermoforming rigid films

PP Base

POLYPROPYLENE-based films (PP) are ideal for several applications, as ready meals, snacks, fresh pasta, pet food etc. With an high heat resistance, this material is suitable for pasteurization, sterilisation and microwave cooking.

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Flow Pack Films

PA Base

The films based on POLYAMIDE (BOPA and PA) thanks to their excellent mechanical characteristics have good flexibility, resistance to high temperatures and puncture. They are suitable for applications with heat treatments such as pasteurization and are suitable for microwave ovens.

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PP Base

POLYPROPYLENE-based films (PP) are ideal as lidding films for the packaging of several kinds of food. They are suitable for pasteurization, sterilisation, cooking and microwave cooking.

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