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ISO 9001 Certified BRC Food Certified
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AFG firmly believes in its quality policy and carries it out through:


Careful selection of its suppliers and materials
AFG carefully selects its suppliers of raw materials and cooperates with serious and reliable certificated partners, through which AFG is able to guarantee stability in quality and regularity of deliveries times.


Strict controls of the raw material
Strict controls of the raw material in entrance are made in order to avoid the presence of non-conforming products within the production cycle.
This allows us to distinguish a material which has been checked and accepted, from another material checked and rejected or eventually accepted but put on hold while awaiting a decision.
The checking status is identified thanks to special elements, such as identifications, marking or cards, physical location and other process documents. The products and materials which, during the acceptance checks, are found to be unsuitable, are set aside and identified according to the methods foreseen. This identification is necessary to guarantee that only products, which have passed the checks scheduled, are then used and sent to the final customers.


Strict controls during the manufacturing process
The products supplied by AFG are constantly checked and the related issues are recorded during the whole production process: from the effective production of the material, to its processing and handling, until the final phase, when the reels are placed  on pallets. The company prepares and keeps the records of the carried out checks, which are available at any time. Only the products, which have positively passed all the checks are send then to the final receiver. The processes are performed in accordance with law and they respect above all safety, the environment and health of employees.

Long-term counter sample collection
Quality control is a fundamental part of the production process operations. Each productive lot is sampled and recorded in order to guarantee the complete traceability of material during each phase of the process.


Laboratory tests
Careful tests are carried out both by the company and by external specialized institutes.

Complete traceability of the used materials
Nowadays, running trials to certificate both the safety of  any material in contact with edible products and the conformity of its production is fundamental. AFG knows that, and therefore guarantees the complete traceability of the lots. Each plastic reel has got labels showing various technical details and the lot number. Thanks to a computerized system, it is possible to identify the original raw material used for the composition of every single reel.

Particular care is taken with the packing procedures, according to hygiene and safety laws. Each single roll is packed and protected with a plastic film. Should several rolls be placed on top of each other on the same pallet, each tier is separated by a sheet of cardboard. Each pallet is properly packed with bubble film and stretch in order to protect the goods during the whole transport.



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