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The innovative "Join-Line", patented at international level, is a revolutionary proposal for flexible packaging technology, designed to combine the convenience of plastic film and the plain effect of paper, in order to convey the idea of a healthy and wholesome product to be packed. Typical foods, which can be packed thanks to this system, are: sliced ham and speck, meat, cheese, sausages, fish, pasta and fresh pasta, bread and so onů.


Film Features:
Packaging weight highly reduced, Handmade look, Printable, Wide range of colours available, Ecological, Several rigidity grades, Pouches production on thermoforming machines, Reclosable

"Join-Line" is pleasant to the eye and to the touch, thanks to the contrast between the smooth and transparent surface of plastic and the covering roughness of paper.
Moreover, a "Join" structure can be changed according to the requirements of the users. In fact, there is the opportunity to modify the shape of covered and transparent areas, the kind of paper (different shades of colour and weight per square meterů), which could be even replaced with silver/gold foils if required. A "Join" structure could be also printed either on the plastic or on the paper surface or on both as well.
All these possibilities enable users to get totally different packages from those of their competitors, which could become even more customized thanks to many further items, such as "Euro hole", labels or other personalization. This kind of film significantly decreases the weight of the packaging in comparison with traditional packing technology and can be applied also on resealable packs, without losing the quality of long-life preservation. The originality of "Join-Line" enhances the natural characteristics of the product to be packed, particularly at a time of great interest for organic agriculture and biological farming.
In the meantime, this kind of packaging can guarantee the same quality levels of the usual plastic films, that are good sealing characteristics, high mechanical strength, excellent barrier against O2 and CO2. It can be used as a lidding film, but not only that; it can be used for thermoforming packs under modified atmosphere (MAP), vacuum and horizontal-vertical formed bags.

Possibilities with this new material are numerous and can be very interesting.
The final result deserves to be seen and tested




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